The Zen of Seeing


San Miguel de Allende


Feb 17-22 2019


$1000 USD

What to Expect

This workshop focuses on the second and equally important part of developing a ‘Good Eye’. Good here means that our mind is uncluttered by preoccupation, relaxed and open. It’s more about a letting go—of thinking, of preconceived notions, of labeling what we see. It’s about seeing clearly without filters and biases, it’s about allowing ourselves to be completely present and open to the moment, to feel the image—to re-present reality through the lens of our unique and pure perception. It’s an internal, intuitive, fearless kind of seeing. It’s a form of self-forgetting; it feels like flow. Photography approached in this way borders on spiritual practice, and images created in this space are the ones that resonate most with the viewer.

After Sunday evening welcome Comida and orientation, class will meet each day between 10:00am and 2pm at Casa Tranquila in Colonia San Antonio, allowing time in the early morning and late afternoon for shooting. This schedule may vary to accommodate group forays. Mornings generally begin with a ‘settling in’ practice, then a review and discussion of  the previous day’s experience of photographing. There will be presentation and discussion of a new aspects of photographic SEEING, exercises and critiques if desired. Experimentation is encouraged and participants are expected to stretch, explore and expand their ways of SEEING. This workshop is more about process than outcomes.

“I so enjoyed the opportunity to take your workshop and the chance to meet and share some ideas with you. For me the test of a good book or film is whether it has changed the way I look at the world or myself in some way that lasts beyond the immediate experience. I am still noticing the world around me through a different lens since your workshop; and am very thankful for that”.

–Dr. David Sobel, co-author of the books The Healing Brain and The Healthy Mind.


Included in registration fee:

Daily instruction as above, light breakfast and snacks. Two dinners and one excursion to surrounding areas.

Accommodations are not included; we have a list of wonderful options in town for you to choose from.

Optional experiences for additional fees possible such as a Sunday afternoon in the campo at Rancho Zandunga, a quintessential SMA musical/dining experience. Workshop participants also have the benefit of our ‘Good Eye’ guide to the best of San Miguel, from neighborhood eateries to hikes in the surrounding countryside.

“Thank you Elizabeth for the rich, generative, deep-dive experience you gave us. It was exactly what I needed. I’m very grateful for the tools you gave us that allow us to see with more clarity and capture the beauty and quintessence of life.”

— Stephanie Bennett Vogt, founder,

What to Bring

For Elizabeth’s ‘Zen of Seeing’ workshop any camera of your choice, including an iPhone will be fine.

You will also need a laptop, external hard drive (thumb drive is fine) and all cables for connection and charging devices.

We also encourage notebooks and a journal for you to record ideas and random notes

“Thank you, Elizabeth, for being exactly the teacher I needed at just the right moment—Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment, to be exact! You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to experience the world, and for that, I’m very grateful.”

— Marilyn Phister, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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