April 7, 2013

Creativity Matters

This is a post which appeared a couple years ago in another version of this blog. I’m bringing it back because it best communicates why I started this blog, and what the real focus here is. Shift and change are the results, no matter what.

Most things that are interesting, important, human are the result of Creativity on some level. When we are involved in it it makes us feel good, it keeps us young and ideally there is an outcome that enhances the quality of our existence….whether a freshly baked cake or the Mona Lisa. There are a lot misconceptions of what Creativity is. One is that some people are and some people are not Creative. This is a myth. We are all Creative. To my mind Creativity is as much, if not more, a necessary human attribute than intelligence, especially these days. It’s a survival skill. It means having imagination, being resourceful, self-directed. It means being open, looking at things in new ways, taking chances, and taking advantage of the unexpected—being able to tolerate uncertainty and chaos.  And most importantly it is a pathway to the mysterious, miraculous, unpredictable, undefinable, uncontrollable—things we live for like bliss, love, beauty, joy, inspiration, dreams, vision, awe, wonder, significance and transformation. What if we could learn how to have more of these things in our lives? What if there was a course in Creativity? What would the syllabus look like?

—I’ve since come up with some answers to those questions…so please stay tuned!

Botanical color palettes © Sacco&Watt

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11 years ago

Inspirational as always!!!

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