November 16, 2016

Gut Punched

The Election of Donald Trump. This is what change feels like. The ground shifts beneath you. Chaos is all around you. Suddenly uncertainty about everything prevails. Core beliefs are upended. What you once were sure of, you no longer are. It’s very scary; you suddenly feel immensely vulnerable, unsure how to act, what to say, how to move forward. Gut-punched.

© Elizabeth Watt

And yet——there’s an opportunity in this——this is the revolution to fuel change.
BIG lesson, and an opportunity to find the strength you didn’t know you had; a resilience–a sense of your own power, and the realization that even though your assumptions about everything have been challenged, you are still rooted within yourself. The uncertainty is an opportunity to evolve, to grow bigger. Everyone will find their own way to act; but each and everyone will be activated somehow——for the greater good. Crisis equals opportunity.

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