August 17, 2011


“Miracles rest not so much upon a healing power coming suddenly near from afar, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that, for a moment, our eyes can see——what is there around us always.”

–Willa Cather

©Elizabeth Watt

We spend so much time caught up in our turbulent—disturbulent mindset, that we miss so much around us. How restorative to our mind/body/spirit to simply take a moment to bring our attention to whatever beauty is unfolding around us; to know we always have a choice about what we pay attention to, to break our habitual mindsets. Awareness is available to us always. It’s a muscle we can exercise just like any other. Ten minutes a day, anywhere you are; simply look around you in stillness, and breathe.

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Nancy Bishop
Nancy Bishop
10 years ago

Your photography is stunning and your words soothing.
Thank you.

9 years ago

love this photo <3

do you sell prints ?

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