• Aug 12-17, 2018; Feb 10-15, 2019

    The Good Eye: How Do You See?

    Join us in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, just ranked #1 city in the world by Travel and Leisure, for this deep dive into the art of SEEING. Anyone can develop a ‘Good Eye’ with practice. We’ll explore the difference between good and great photography. It's not about the quality of the camera you are using; it's about the quality of your SEEING.
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  • Oct 14-19, 2018

    The Zen of Seeing

    Learn how to use your Iphone to tune in rather than tune out. Photography can serve as a powerful mindfulness practice. This workshop is a great follow up to 'The Good Eye' but also can be taken on its' own. With beautiful San Miguel de Allende as our backdrop, join us for this workshop where we’ll focus on the practice of photography as an enlivening discipline of awareness, enhancing your experience of the world around you.
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  • Ongoing.

    Customized Workshops for Groups, One-on-One Mentoring

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